Driving school motorcycle book

49,80  (sis. alv)

Motorcycle book for category A1, A2 and A



The motorcycle book is again better than its predecessor. The official motorcycle book of the Driving School Association contains all the essential information about the basic skills of a motorcyclist and is thus a vital tool when completing a motorcycle license or starting a hobby.

The things to be learned are in a simple and clear format so that the book is comfortable to read and the reader also understands the technical issues. The textbook serves as an effective self-study tool on the way to becoming a motorcyclist.

Edition published in 2021, 160 pages full of the issue. Edited by: Harri Keski-Rekilä, Jani Nokua and Jari Jokilampi.

Published by Opetustarvike Oy

ISBN 978-952-5247-69-5

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